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We live in an age of unprecedented human mobility. Migration is considered one of the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, with more and more people on the move today than at any other point in history


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Canadian VAC

Dear Clients,

From 20 September 2013, Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC) in Bishkek will be operated by IOM in partnership with VFS Global. This new partnership is part of a contract awarded by the Government of Canada and will enhance service delivery for clients in Kyrgyzstan.

Your visa application will not be affected by the changes and CVAC will continue to provide high quality visa services.



Please be advised that all applications submitted between 30 August 2013 – 20 September 2013 must use a pre-paid courier service for the return of their visa decision. While we upgrade our service and processing systems, new applications submitted during this time will not be able to be returned in person via CVAC. We thank you for understanding. Please ask CVAC staff if you have any questions.


The Embassy of Canada in Moscow has concluded an agreement with the Mission of International Organization for Migration in the Kyrgyz Republic for the provision of customer services for persons residing in the Kyrgyz Republic who wish to apply for Canadian visa services at the Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada in Moscow.

At present time, IOM office accepts the following applications:

  • Application for temporary residence
  • Application for study permit
  • Application for work permit

Visa and Immigration applicants may either deal directly with the Embassy of Canada in Moscow or may submit their applications and pay processing fees at the office of IOM in Bishkek. The IOM office has the right to charge an additional fee for its services.

IOM Bishkek services include:

1. Consulting services;

2. Payment of visa fees;

3. Issuance, filling in, assistance in filling of application forms;

4. Delivery of documents from Bishkek to Moscow and back;

5. Delivery of additional documents to the Embassy of Canada in Moscow;

6. Check of full kit of documents;

7. Notification of assigned case number and status of the case;

8. Translation of the following documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate;

If you wish to consult on some issues regarding application, please call in advance and we will appoint a meeting.

Please note: All visa decisions are made at the Embassy of Canada in Moscow. The IOM office in Bishkek plays no role in and is unable to influence on visa decisions.

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Contact person: Nazgul Chubarova


Canada Visa Application Centre

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