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We live in an age of unprecedented human mobility. Migration is considered one of the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, with more and more people on the move today than at any other point in history


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Assisted Voluntary Return and Rein­tegration

Assisted voluntary return and rein­tegration

Assisted Voluntary Return and Re­integration Programmes (AVRRP) are one of the core activities of IOM. Through this program, IOM provides reintegration assistance to migrants who are returning to their home country. Assisted Vol­untary Return and Reintegration activities include organizational and financial assistance for the re­turnee, and, where possible, provi­sion of reintegration measures to the returnee.

There are 3 stages in AVRR:

  • pre-departure assistance and travel preparations;
  • assistance with the actual trip home;
  • post-arrival assistance for the socio-economic reinstallation and reintegration of returnees.

The Mission of IOM in the Kyrgyz Republic provides assis­tance to returnees on the 3rd stage of AVRR per request of IOM sending mission. The post-arrival assistance consists of reception assistance at the airport, providing of initial post-arrival information, disbursement of reintegration grants to return­ees, organization of onward travel to the final destination, provision of further reintegration assistance, if needed, including monitoring. For the period from 2008-2010 years, Mission of IOM in the Kyrgyz Re­public assisted to returnees from such countries as Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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